Why SnapChat may succeed as a News App while Circa failed!

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As the closing of Circa news app comes in this week, other applications like SnapChat are currently getting into the news business. Although there is a very significant different between these two applications, meaning that the things that might have doomed Circa might offer promise to SnapChat.

The Circa application had tried to become a news destination- this is where users could find curated news and stories at a single place. On the other hand, SnapChat is bringing such news to a platform where there is already millions of people. This app is hugely a social destination. The app already has got an inbuilt and engaged audience. Compared to Circa, which built an audience from scratch, it might attracted a lot of traffic.

In the past people could get news from social media. This trend grew, where different companies hugely used the social media in delivering their news. Majorly the audience are behind the social media driven news.

SnapChat are now trying to become a news destination

Both SnapChat and Circa were launched around the same time in 2011. The SnapChat app is widely used by teens who enjoy its ephemeral feature of photo sharing. Currently, it has got over 100 million active users. According to the app, its users watch over two billion videos on a daily basis. By the introduction of “Discover,” early this year, SnapChat kick-started on its ambitious journey of being a news destination. This channel allows different media organizations like CNN, its owner, to distribute their content on the app.

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