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Over the last couple of years, Snapchat has started to slowly face some serious and stark competition from the various other apps and socializing platforms, such as Instagram and the recent renovated app TikTok, and the yellow platform started to lose users and its fan base decreased significantly for the sake of other apps. As a result, the well-known app Snapchat initiated a serious of mending processes that are aimed to lure in an re-attract more customers.

And as the Snapchat company realised that Bitmojis are getting more attention from a huge number of users, the developers of the app decided to present the users with palpable products that flaunt their favorite Bitmoji avatars uniquely. The yellow app is planning to introduce an online store within its platform from which the users can buy their favorite Bitmojis printed on a number of merchandises including t-shirts and accessories. As a start, the new interior Snapchat store is going to be available in the US and will be rolled out to other markets in the upcoming months.

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By the end of November, the online store will be available on the Snapchat app and is going to present a huge variety of different types of merchandises for the Snapchat fan base; the initial collection of the items available on the Snapchat store includes t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, mugs, smartphone cases, curtains amongst others. Any product chosen by the user can be personalized and the preferable Bitmoji or Friendmoji can be attached to it. The decision to launch a Bitmoji section in the Snapchat store is a natural result as the socializing platform is growing more and more interested in online commerce and marketing. Snapchat has been experimenting, for instance, with advertisements and promotions of various products through the stories feature of the app. Also, Snapchat collaborated with the notorious Amazon in order to test the capability of bringing the users one step closer to their much needed products and services.

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The interior store of Snapchat has indeed achieved a decent success and the developers at the company are aiming to benefit from the grand popularity of the Bitmojis and are going to incorporate several cartoon avatars in a variety of items and products that are going to customized and personalized according to the user’s choice. Additionally, Snapchat is introducing yet another new feature which is the “Bitmoji Stories”; the new stories feature is going to be available very soon and is, reportedly, more of a Bitmoji-based feature that’s turning the user’s real-life stories into a comic-themed entity.

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