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Snapchat tricks

Since the explosion of smart phone, the way we communicate with other people has been greatly evolved. Voice call and short message services are no longer the primary options for many smart phone users. Equipping our smart phones with a number of different messaging apps has turned out to be a new trend. We seem to have more comfort in using these apps and stay connected for 24/7.

You can simply rely in these apps to connect with anyone you like from any place on the planet without spending a great amount of money. Apparently, we have to choose from many different applications for messaging purposes where each of them comes with different designs and their own interesting additional features. Snapchat has turned out to be a very popular messaging app choice for many youngsters. Most of them love the uniqueness of this messaging app where the sent texts, pictures or videos will vanish after the recipient receives and read the content. That would be good news for your storage capacity.

Snapchat is well equipped with an inbuilt functionality that allows the users to snap a picture and shoot a video. By the time they send the content to their friends, there is a certain time limit attached to it. The users can choose the preferred time limit for every content they send up to 10 seconds. The countdown will start as soon as the recipient receives and open the message. By the time limit is over, the sent item will disappear. This popular messaging app is free and any smart phone user with iOS or Android operating system is welcome to download it for free. Snapchat can be a fun and enjoyable messaging app as it allows the users to doodle and scribble on the picture as well.

Some Interesting Tricks for You

Snapchat is a fascinating messaging app, but if you are still unable to get a hang of this popular messaging app, the following simple tricks might do the tricks for you.

Before we start describing the tricks, you are required to launch the app and go to the Additional Services tab by tapping the Gear icon and select Manage. This is where you can manage and enable all the features including the filters, replay, front-facing flash and special text. The Send to screen option allows you to show your content only to the chosen friends. The text feature is very useful for the Snapchat users that like to overlay their text or emoji. It should be as easy as tapping the T letter and entering the text.

The rainbow bar is there to allow some doodling and drawing options on the content. You can play with many color options with this feature. If you like to draw in white, you can simply drag the snaps to the left corner of the rainbow color slider. You can drag your snaps to the bottom of the rainbow slider and use the black crayon to draw your content in black. Transparent color is also available on the rainbow slider and it can be found by holding down the rainbow slider. The last trick is only applicable for the snapchat users with Android smart phones.

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