Snapchat introduced new Emojis and Improved low light camera

snapchat friend emojis

If you are using Snapchat, then i would suggest you to upgrade your Snapchat app to latest version right now because Snapchat has recently introduced a cool feature in their latest update in April 2015. Snapchat has recently introduced brand new six friend emojis. These emojis has actually replaced the old “best friends” with friend emojis. Now whenever you receive a Snapchat message from your friends, the Snapchat emojis will be also appear along with message, these friend emojis will be only visible to you. It’s a private feature just to tell you who are your best friends. Basically these emojis will be appearing on the number of time you has sent messages to your friends and Snapchat will rank your friends on the bases of it.

So, what are those new friend emojis and what are their meanings? Check out below:

Fire: You Two Are On A Snapstreak

You and your friend Snapchat with each other on daily bases and never end conversation for number of days.

Smirking Face: You’re Their Best Friend But They’re Not Yours

You are sending this person snaps daily or mostly but the person did not send you back in most of cases. Its mean that you considered this person a best friend but he did not.

Heart: You’re #1 Best Friends

This person is your number one best friend. You send the “most” snaps to this person and they send “most” snaps to you.

Grimacing Face: You Have A Mutual #1 Best Friend

You and one of your friends sending this person the most snaps. This person is best friend of you and one of your friends.

Smile: One of Your Best Friend

You send this person lot of snaps but not “most” of snaps. He is another best friend but you did not send this person “most” snaps.

Sunglasses: You Have A Mutual best Friend

Just like grimacing face, you and your friend send this person lot of snaps but not “most” of snaps.

Here the number means how many days you have been snapping with the person.

Other than emojis updates, there is a good news for all those who complain about the bad quality picture result of Snapchat in low light because Snapchat has improved the quality by introducing low light camera feature. Next time when you are sending a snap to your friend and there is not enough light in the room or where ever you are then simply click on “low light” icon and take a picture, Snapchat will improve the quality of picture and video with this new feature.

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