Snapchat App Spreads the Word for Businesses

snapchat marketing platform

The Snapchat app is a tool that allows users to send videos or photos and its marketing platform is picking up rapidly!

The catch?

Snapchat apps are short-term messages or unedited selfies, for everyday user and they delete seconds after opening. After having 20 million users, Snapchat rejected a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. Marketers are now rushing the Snapchat app because they want to communicate with a young audience!

A good number of businesses use Snapchat app for advertising or promotions, behind the scene glimpses and sneak peaks of new products. One of the first companies to use Snapchat app for marketing was 16 Handles. In view of the fact that Snapchat deletes automatically, this particular yogurt company snapped coupons that people waited to open until paying. Prior to reaching the register, receivers did not know the worth of their coupons. However, the coupons of 16 Handles were usually between 16-100 percent of the total sale. In order to earn more perks however, the fan base could return messages.

It was when I connected with my favorite companies that I considered using Snapchat app. This application is a ground-breaking platform premeditated to expose the public to the upgrades of your company. With Snapchat app, you can obtain great deals and learn about products that are not yet released.

The Snapchat app is targeted around teens and young adults. No wonder 77 percent of college students utilize the application to send 400 million messages everyday. In the rough framework of Snapchat, polished messages would be out of place. Many companies are attaching themselves to Google+, Twitter and Facebook to target an older audience.

Marketing with Snapchat App will:

  • Reward engaged customers
  • Offer you exclusive perks
  • Promote other social media accounts such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • Provides behind the scene looks into the operations of the company.
  • Coupons for products or services.

Companies that Market with Snapchat App

Among the companies that market with Snapchat app are McDonalds, Taco Bell, 16 Handles, Audi, Acura and GrubHub.

How McDonalds Used Snapchat App

McDonalds started using Snapchat app for their marketing campaign in February 2014. At first, this fast food chain engaged their audience through other social media platforms. Their followers were motivated by limited offers only available by the use of Snapchat. This is followed by a new product launch with celebrity support. In addition, followers received an interactive tour with various touch points all through the day. McDonalds launched the New Bacon Clubhouse promoted their Twitter account, thereby building social media followers considerably in just months.

The Snapchat app may be worth considering, if you have a young audience. Everybody is connected to social media because it is lucrative and can carry new messages to a global audience.

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