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Snapchat messaging app creates a considerable amount of video and text content on daily basis, with more than 100 million active monthly users. Regretably, it is not all the generated content that can be chosen for insertion in Snapchat Live Stories that are curated presentations near a geological location, current event or news story.

At this time, Snapchat has discovered a new feature known as Story Explorer – a way by which users can discover the user-generated content it passes over for Stories.

The new Story Explorer feature launched by Snapchat relies on technoloy founded by the  research team of the company, according to a blog post of the company. The purpose of this new feature is provide more intensity to every Snap in a story. In actual fact, users can swipe up to see other videos and photos from more app users that captured the same moment, when they are interested in seeing more snaps like the one they are viewing in a Live Story.

For instance, Snapchat users could swipe up to find more snaps from different angles and viewpoints of similar event that were not added in the story, if the curating team of Snapchat were to put together a Live Story.

In recent months, the Story Explorer is just one of the latest features that Snapchat has included in its appss. The vanishing messages app initiated the ability to add filter-style Lenses to snaps by the users, Trophies for carrying out certain actions on the app and replays of snaps. There is now an official Snapchat store available for users to purchase Lenses to add to their collections permanently.

Story Explorer is presently available for New York City and Los Angeles Live Stories. The new UGC-discovery feature noted by Snapchat will be available for Live Stories in other cities in the near future.

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