Snapchat App for Seniors

Snapchat App Seniors

In a recent series of events seniors were made to use Snapchat-photo sharing app for the first time and the reviews they gave were quite bewildering because they claim that politicians could use this tool to carry on doing sexting, texting and sharing nude photos with them. They said that whatever they get from this app does not appeal to them and they simply do not care. The commentary was marked by some as funny because it was aimed at politicians to carry on doing the jobs they were doing via sexting, texting and sharing nude photos.

This test was carried out by a group of people known as Fine Brothers who usually presents games, videos and apps of the younger generation to the older generation to see how it appeals to them and this produces some bewilderingly funny results in the form of comments, remarks and gestures. They even upload the videos on their YouTube site. The Fine Brothers usually made the apps come in touch with senior members who find it challenging to get used to the functionality of the apps. The concept of texting was yet to be understood by the senior citizens and this resulted in some hilarious remarks.

The seniors who used the basic feature of the app and then were asked to take a selfie and upload or share via the app which resulted in a reaction of who would care exactly for the event? The senior members also suggested that this could be quite a useful tool to store the photos and could be used for later viewing. According to another old citizen, the chat app could be used specifically by politicians to carry on sharing nude photos. This comment evoked a series of laughter and eventually became viral in the social media. This comment portrayed exactly how the senior citizens view apps like Snapchat.

Seniors also believe that the photos they believe to be temporary could be used against them by saving them and this could prove to be disastrous for some of them. Therefore, they think careful measures or courses of actions must be taken to prevent the misuse of this particular app and one should be very careful in sharing his or her personal photos because once it has been uploaded it never remains private rather it remains public.

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