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The smartphone generation has been pushing forward for almost a decade now and it has made our lives a lot easier and a lot more fun. The applications available for the smartphones these days can do a whole lot for a variety of users all over the world. There are different operating systems and some of them come with their specialized applications and the popular applications are made for every platform be it iOS or Android.

Snapchat Review

The Snapchat application is available over various platforms and is becoming vastly popular. This application lets users chat using user clicked pictures and videos. Alternatively users may or may not scribble on the picture. The application is available for download at absolutely no cost. The user can easily access the application from their menus and there are no additional application which need to be downloaded to run this app.

It has been developed by the Snapchat Inc Company. Much like Facebook or Whatsapp this application helps users keep in touch with their friends. The picture and video add an extra zing to the mix for sure. Users are seen sharing selfies, landscapes and other fun pictures and videos shot by them. The application also allows attachments which let users send a picture or video from their gallery.

Snapchat pictures and videos features

The most loved thing about Snapchat is that the pictures and videos are temporarily stored on the receiver’s device. When a user takes a picture they set a timer which determines the duration of the visibility of the picture or video after which it vanishes. The developers have very carefully mentioned that the application does not store received media but there are third party apps which help the user do it.

The contacts on the users phone appear on the Snapchat contacts list and users are free to invite any one to have a chat with them once the other user has downloaded the application. Users can also create stories which is a collection of various pictures and videos. This slide based presentation is viewable to any user as long as both the users are friends but it is not savable. The new update of the application lets the users engage themselves in a free video chat.

Overall the idea and interface is a lot of fun which is why Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most used messaging applications worldwide. Children, especially teenagers, use this application over others due to the fun and interactivity that comes along with it. There is one problem though. Initially the application promised users that the photos and videos could not be saved on user devices at all. But soon enough there were third party applications and software which helped receivers save the data sent by other users. This made many ditch this application or control their usage at least. Another loophole in the application comes in the form of sharing one’s username in public. This lets other users easily log into the account as there is no authentication required. It is a fun app but people do need to be a little careful and not go YOLO on this.

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