Features of Snapchat App

Features of Snapchat App

Privacy: Snapchat as much as possible tries to prevent the recipient from saving a copy of the picture. If the user however uses screenshot to get the picture, the sender is informed that a snapshot was taken.

Snapchat Stories: The snapchat stories allow links to be created by users which other users can access within 24 hours, after which they are deleted.

Messaging and Video Chat: Snapchat allows users to send messages, pictures and photos to other users. It is however possible to save text messages.

Snapcash: Snapchat has a snapcash feature which gives users the ability to send money to other users through Square. The money is sent directly to the other user’s bank account.

Discover: This allows snapchat users to access text and videos from editorial teams.

Best Friend: It is possible for you to mark your best friend on the app and a peculiar emoji icon will be displayed next to your best friend’s name.

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