Complete Idiot’s Guide to Using Snapchat App

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Snapchat app has been enthralling to many users all over the world, but many are still not able to get hold of it. There are some tricks that you still need to be familiar with, to make this application effective for you. Even after using it for a while you might have overlooked some of the hidden features or uses of Snapchat. For instance, this photo sharing application can also be used to produce creative pictures, provided that you understand the techniques.

Interesting tricks for users of Snapchat app

Making sure that you have the latest version of Snapchat app is the first thing you need to do. If you don’t, download it from Google Play Station now or use iTunes.

Having downloaded your Snapchat app, launch it by tapping the GEAR icon > Additional Services > Manage. It is from this place that you will be able to enable features and manage settings. This would include front-facing flash, special text, filters and replay.

Using your SENT TO screen option on Snapchat app, you an choose to display your content to friends you have selected. You can use the TEXT feature for more than usual text. All you need is to tap letter T and enter text and the text will be puffed up.

With Snapchat app, drawing is also easy. You do this by sliding the rainbow bar to select a color. You can draw right on your snaps and heave the drawing to left corner of the rainbow slider to enable you draw in white.

To draw in color black however, you need to heave your drawing to the bottom and then use black crayon to draw from the rainbow slider. However, you can select transparent color and hold down the rainbow slider, if you are an Android user.

Additional Updates and Tricks

Snapchat app provided the most recent updates to enable you add Instagram filters. Once it is done, swipe to the left to preview the filters. You can also put labels on your pictures by doodling it.

Depending on when the snap was taken or current location, geo-location is also possible. Filters can also be used to help you display the time when the picture was taken. You can also label videos by using the overlay feature of Snapchat app, while speed filters help in capturing the speed of any particular object.

If you want brighter pictures, just tap the lightening icon located on the top left corner to turn on the front flash. You can as well use the replay feature of Snapchat app to tap on any picture and this will show you the Replay feature. This way you will be able to see what you had captured a few moments ago.

You will be able to master Snapchat app on your Android device or iPhone to enjoy its benefits and features at the best.

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