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There are many ways to use your mobile phone especially the apps that are installed. Some various uses of the apps include IM, email, and social networks. You can gain more satisfaction from your phone by interacting with various apps in the phone.

Among these utilities, Android M looks is set to feature a range of exciting functions on its app later in the year. The amazing feature of this app is an interactive interface with mobile apps to an extent of just speaking. Voice controls have existed in the previous versions of Google apps, but implementation process has only worked with few apps. Google developers are designing a voice interaction API, an app that will permit users to build voice controls natively into their apps. This invention will see them speaking directly to the apps to operate them.

Besides, the voice interaction API extends further from voice controls. It will also allow both users and the applications to speak to each other in ease and hand-free experience. An example of such an app that conforms to voice commands of a user is Tune in an app. By integrating the API tech, it’s now possible to load it via voice commands and listen to some music. The fantastic feature about this app is that it will not only load the music, but it asks the title or category of genre loudly you would like to listen. The user may reply to this by speaking to an app the favorite genre it should play. It’s a natural and attractive way to make voice commands to your smartphone and apps responds appropriately depending on how we intend to interact with the applications.

This technology will transform the conversations in Facebook and snapchats, natural, easy and hand free. If this technology manages its way to all developers of apps, the world will experience a greater transformation. Interaction between users, smartphones and apps will take assume a higher notch. With every app having the capacity to speak and respond to voice commands of the user, what a better world will that be? A video was released demonstrating that potential of voice integration in mobile apps. Although the video was tailored towards app developers, it still gives useful insights of a future where can have the power to speak to apps naturally and in an intelligent way.  No more hassles, effecting commands in writings, thanks to Google technological advancement.

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