An Interesting Bug Detected for iOS Snapchat

snapchat ios bug

Snapchat is an amazing app that has a huge user base especially among teens. It is available for all the smartphones and is supported by iOS, Android and Windows. An interesting and playful bug was recently discovered among the iOS version of this app that enabled the users to record videos without any time limit.

This bug or “fun hack” allowed the snapchatters to record an extended video using a simple trick. This means that you do not need to complete your task and everything else in 10 seconds in order to brag about it in front of your friends. To do this, all that is to be done is start the recording, double tap on the Home Screen button allowing multi-tasking and the camera continues recording your activity till you re-enter Snapchat.

The Snapchat app moved and improved manifolds since its inception back in 2011 by two Stanford University students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. The app is mainly popular and so different from other media apps because it comes with the likes of time-limited photo and video sharing feature.  This bug enabled a lot of users to send long videos, which are otherwise not possible, to their contacts and shock their friends.

After the news of iOS bug, a lot of Android users tried to test the bug-induced feature but failed to do so. Apparently, this happened due to the different approach of Android towards managing different tasks at the same time. So this was present for only iOS version. All this fun and excitement aside, the tests on iPhone found that the videos exceeding the 10 second limit were blurred and suffered quality wise. So, not all good or worth a brag.

Another thing that came to the notice of the users was the inability to actually send these videos to your friends. It only lets you add the video on the Snapchat Story line for your contacts to view. This is because Snapchat system is not as weak to be fooled easily; it cuts the extra part of the videos and allows only 10 second video to be shared.

The developers for Snapchat are soon going to get rid of the bug and all of the users will be stuck with the old time limit of sending 10 second videos but that is surely not going to bring the user number because people absolutely adore this app.

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