3 Notes on Snapchat you Should Be Aware about Right Now

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Snapchat news is flooding the internet, and there are a lot of different points of view coming across. The popular app is amidst one of the most downloaded, and most used today. For the millions of users, there’s a lot going on to consider. If you are looking for news on this app, and what is going on in the tech world, you won’t have to traverse too far, as news is coming through all the time. The following are just 3 notes that you should consider, as it’s fascinating how the app is being used and more.

Recruiting Through Geotargeting

News broke that Snapchat has been targeting programmers and developers from other companies through their application. They are using parameters of geotargeting to look into talent and perhaps hire them away from top companies. So far, the main company targeted has been Uber. Uber developers noticed that there was something going on with their version of the app, and true enough, the app was geotargeting to send a message about possibly jumping into a new position. While this is considered “poaching”, one must realize that tech developers are highly recruited, sought after, and in demand. However, the methods used may be a bit sinister to some.

Serious Money Made

People may scoff at the popularity of some startups, but when the numbers are presented, there’s a lot of silence in the proverbial room. Take into consideration startups within the top 5 of mobile applications. Amidst the top 5, you are going to see that Snapchat has gone through the ranks and toppled others fast. They are not just a popular app amidst millennials, they have been pushing hard to get more market share. At present, the company has been touted at reaching the coveted $1 billion in funding raised. That’s an incredible jump, making the app a stark number 3 right behind the mighty Facebook and Instagram applications.

Snapchat Security Clamp Down

One of the hardest things for startups to deal with right now is security. From Facebook to Twitter, there’s been a lot of action in terms of hacking, DOS attacks, password stealing and more. Snapchat has taken new lengths to prevent any issues, and are now revoking access to third party add ons. The goal here is to make sure that there’s a proverbial fence built around content that is exclusive to the community that is using the app. Third party services are no longer going to gain access to the API, and this is just the beginning of security measures the app is working on to prevent information, data, and programming language leaks.

The above are just 3 news notes that you may want to look further into when using Snapchat, and other apps. The mobile technology of today is forward moving, fluid, and changing all the time.

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